Domain monitoring system

Complete automation for domain management and control.

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Main functions

  • DMS enables the unification of all domain management within a single system, significantly simplifying the management process.

  • The service streamlines the setup of autotests for websites, reducing manual effort. Specifying responsible individuals for domains enables direct notification to curators, enhancing problem response times.

  • DMS simplifies data management by aggregating all domain information into a single card, accessible via a single query.

  • The system facilitates automatic domain substitution and domain switching.

  • Integration with Google Search Console, Cloudflare, and other services automates routine tasks and ensures data accuracy.

  • Enhanced security is achieved through the encryption of all passwords and API keys in the database, safeguarding account information.

  • Advanced filtering and export features make it easier to search and analyze domain-specific data.

  • DMS features include monitoring for current errors and server availability checks. Access to resources and functionalities can be customized according to the user's role and department.


  • Centralized control over all domains.

  • Time-saving in management and monitoring efforts.

  • Enhanced security for data and API keys.

  • Tailored notifications for immediate alerting.

  • Automation of standard management tasks.

  • Streamlined process for domain rekeying and renewal.

  • SEO and autotest optimization.

  • Effortless scaling and incorporation of new domains.

  • Seamless integration with external services and platforms.

  • The division into sections—domains, accounts, servers, admin—facilitates easier navigation and quicker access to required information within DMS.


$12 per user, per month billed monthly

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  • History storage: 90 days
  • Users: unlimited

$20 per user, per month billed monthly

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  • History storage: unlimited
  • Users: unlimited
  • User Groups
  • SAML + SSO
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