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A unique centralized management system for the efficient operation of multiple sites simultaneously.

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Main functions

  • Eliminates the need for external plugins like RankMath, preventing unnecessary code that could harm site performance.

  • Ensures optimal PageSpeed performance without conflicts between WebpExpress and caching plugins such as WP Rocket or NitroPack.

  • Simplifies CMS deployment and management, making site development and updates more autonomous and less reliant on the technical staff's workload.

  • Utilizes databases more efficiently, avoiding data redundancy and enhancing overall site performance.

  • Allows for centralized changes across multiple sites, eliminating the need to manually replicate changes on each site.

  • Enables the creation of pages using a single template with compressed images and text that load quickly and efficiently, as opposed to the heavyweight CMS, WordPress.


  • Independence from third-party plugins.

  • Flexible and scalable project architecture.

  • High-performance server hosting on Node.js.

  • Flexible database configuration using SQLite.

  • Centralized management of site networks.

  • Improved site performance through static pages.

  • Integration with Git for streamlined version control.

  • The ability to quickly implement configuration changes.


$13 per user, per month billed monthly

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  • Limited Number of Projects
  • Single User Access
  • Basic Support

$27 per user, per month billed monthly

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  • Unlimited Projects
  • Multi-User Access
  • Priority Support
  • Advanced Analytics Tools
  • Custom Security Settings

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