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Main functions

  • Bypass Traditional Barriers: PWA Storage liberates digital content from the confines of app store restrictions, offering an unparalleled selection of apps directly to you.

  • Fortified Security. Leveraging the robust HTTPS protocol, PWA Storage guarantees superior data encryption and the utmost security in information transfer.

  • Seamless Developer Updates. Free from the protracted approval processes of app stores, developers can swiftly deploy updates, ensuring your apps remain cutting-edge and support is seamless.

  • Advanced Administration Panel. A comprehensive suite of tools at your fingertips for meticulous content management, including enhanced search functionalities, in-depth statistics, and sophisticated access control.


  • Intuitive Access. Navigate through a user-friendly interface designed for effortless access to a vast array of applications.

  • Universal Compatibility. Full app functionality across all web browsers and devices, liberating you from the constraints of specific operating systems.

  • Cost-Effective Development. Realize significant savings in development costs without compromising on quality or performance, compared to traditional mobile apps.

  • Uninterrupted Connectivity. Whether online or offline, PWA Storage ensures your apps are always operational, catering to your convenience.

  • Instant installation. Download the app in 1-2 seconds.

  • Minimal Storage Footprint. Conserve precious device space thanks to the compact size of PWAs, eliminating the worry of running out of storage.

  • Enhanced Visibility. Through search engine indexing, your apps gain additional exposure, driving more traffic your way.

  • Sophisticated Management. A Django-based administration panel streamlines app, review, and access management, embodying efficiency and control.

  • User-Centric Design. At the heart of PWA Storage is a commitment to prioritizing user needs, ensuring each app delivers a bespoke user experience.


$9 per application

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  • Limited Content Upload Access
  • Basic HTTPS Protocol
  • Standard Admin Panel
  • Leading Browser Support
  • Online and Offline Functionality

$19 per application

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  • Unlimited Content Upload
  • Enhanced HTTPS Security
  • Advanced Admin Panel
  • Priority Technical Support
  • Access to Exclusive Features and Updates
  • Multi-User Access
  • Custom Settings and Analytics

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