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Main functions

  • AutoLB significantly simplifies and accelerates acquiring backlinks by automating tasks that traditionally require extensive time and manual effort.

  • The service enhances your site's visibility in search engines through efficient backlink distribution.

  • It eliminates the need for lengthy and labor-intensive manual setups for link building. AutoLB enables the evaluation of link-building effectiveness with the provision of detailed statistics.

  • Its user-friendly interface facilitates straightforward project setup and progress monitoring, ensuring a transparent and manageable AutoLB operation.

  • The service features automatic content generation, integrating with SCM to produce content automatically, including dynamic URL substitution.

  • Users receive notifications regarding issues and the posting process.

  • With its automation and multi-level success verification for post-publishing, AutoLB reduces the likelihood of errors and maintains link-building stability independently of human input. AutoLB significantly enhances both the quantity and quality of backlinks, leading to more effective website promotion.


  • Dramatically reduces the time required for link building, enabling rapid accumulation of link mass.

  • Provides an immediate boost to site visibility and enhances SEO positioning in search engines.

  • Generates high-quality content automatically based on specified criteria.

  • Offers detailed accounting and comprehensive performance statistics.

  • Simplifies project management and progress tracking.

  • Secures quality links from reputable sites.

  • Employs multi-level verification to ensure successful post-publication.

  • Minimizes the risks associated with human errors.

  • Facilitates dynamic URL substitution for each article.

  • Delivers prompt notifications about problems and posting statuses.

  • Increases both the volume and precision of link-building efforts.


$35 per user, per month billed monthly

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  • Automated Link Building
  • Access to Detailed Statistics
  • Posting Status Notifications

$70 per user, per month billed monthly

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  • Advanced Link Building Tools
  • Premium Content Generation
  • Exclusive Access to High-Authority Platforms
  • Personalized Support
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting

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