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Building and launching mobile apps is a difficult and complex task that presupposes optimizing the content and visual elements. Thanks to ASO promotion you get a ready-to-use app in the top search results of mobile app stores.
This will drastically increase both traffic and installs.

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6 months

Average application lifetime

2 weeks

Time for the application to reach the top


"Installation-deposit" conversion rate

How we work

  1. Receive a promotion request
  2. Study the market, competitors, and potential audience segments
  3. Collect semantics and determine promotion strategies
  4. Work with content – metadata, text, and visual content
  5. Create an application using the knowledge about geo specifics
  6. Launch the application in the store and generate traffic
  7. Conduct continuous audit: analyze the number of views, installations, and conversion
  8. Work with reviews and monitor the application's performance

Our advantages

  • In-house application development

  • In-house technical solutions

  • Advanced analytics and hypothesis testing

  • Complete transparency and open statistics

  • Individual approach and conditions

  • Automatic processes


What is ASO?

ASO (App Store Optimization) is the process of mobile app optimization aimed to improve its visibility in app stores such as Google Play and App Store.

How quickly does ASO optimization work?

ASO is an ongoing process. The first results usually become visible about 4-6 weeks in, though the constant analysis and improvement are still required.

What factors influence ASO?

The key ASO factors include selecting the right keywords, optimizing the app title and description, improving reviews and ratings, and optimizing visual material (screenshots, videos).

What mobile stores do you work with?

We specialize in optimization for major app stores such as Google Play and the App Store.

Can you guarantee that my application will be TOP-1?

Our methods and strategies are based on proven and effective ASO practices. The success of the optimization depends on several criteria, for example geolocation, number of competitors, etc.

How do you choose keywords for the application?

We conduct thorough keyword research, analyzing your target audience, competitors, and market trends, and perform efficient clustering.

How do you measure the success of an ASO strategy?

We use various metrics, including the increase in download numbers, improvement in search result positions for keywords, conversion from views to downloads and downloads to deposit, and others.

How good is your ASO traffic?

We have only organic traffic. We do not use paid traffic for ranking applications.

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